As one of the leading manufactures of bone models, we constantly improve and advance our solution in order to create medical phantoms perfectly reassembling real human and animal bones. As a result of innovative technology, chemical composition and structure of artificial bone material used for anatomical skeleton and bone models and other products, thay have same mechanical properties (including hardens, densities), structure (cortical shell and cancellous) and shape as natural bone.

The phantoms bone models are designed for orthopedic, dental and veterinary medicine training for such procedures, as:

•    bone fixation,
•    knee/hip replacement,
•    suturing,
•    incising,
•    teeth implantation,
•    sinus lift,
•    reconstruction of fractures,
•    preparation of the models of teeth for crowns and bridges,
•      augmentation,
•      veterynary tratment,
•    and more!

Anatomical skeleton model and other medical phantoms are also widely used for presentation and demonstration purpose by doctors, medical facilities, universities as well as manufactures of implantation systems and medical equipment. For such use quite often the transparent version are selected, as they are great for presenting a given solution and implantation procedure in more details clear way.

Bone models and anatomical skeletons and phantoms are ready to be cut and drill or manipulated using all professional medical instruments. They are also easy to keep on stock, to handle and easy to keep clean and safe before and after training, which makes them ideal for medical simulations and educational purposes. Additional advantage of bone implantation is their cost effectiveness - especially in comparison with cadaver samples.

One of the most recent innovations introduced in our offer of anatomical skeleton models is the production of phantoms on the basis of CT scans. The technology makes it possible to create even more precise and detailed samples with the highest degree of accuracy. It gives more realistic bone models.

Apart from standard scull, spine, maxilla, mandible one model and other imitations, we can provide you OEM customized phantoms based on your prototype and your requirements.   


Thanks to use of selected materials with different structure and hardness our models perfectly imitate the double layer of bone structure of natural bone


Dental Training Manikin, realistically looking dummy patient,  for practicing an implant placement,  cavity, crown and veneer preparation and  dental hygiene procedures. The phantom provides opportunity to practice dental procedures in a realistic environment. Manikin allows effectively training of a complete circle of different dental treatment with a focus on the safety, reliability, and quickness, providing therefore the best foundation for future dental activities. The vertical adjustment allows for mounting of different typodonts. Offered Wide range of maxillae and mandibles we offer helps to find the best training conditions. Could be used with a range of more popular maxilla and mandible on the market as well as with PROMEDICUS own products: 11-AG3-5 and 11-AG3-6. Back draining outlet give availability to work with water spray.

Catalog number #11-1000

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