Most often prepared from titanium, the solution is increasingly often used in dentistry around the world. They perfectly imitate real tooth or teeth and successfully replace them for many years. As they are placed within the bone (they ‘osseointegrate’ with it, meaning the bone and titanium root fuse together) the best solution to present, explain and teach the method is to use an implantation model.

At Promedics we create realistic medical phantoms, which perfectly resemble real bones. They are widely used for presentation as well as for teaching purposes. The accuracy of details provide the students with an ideal environment to learn this complicated procedure step by step and effectively practice it during classes.
What is more, due to using innovative artificial materials, the hardness of the implantation model can be adjusted according to the hardness of the bones, resulting in even more realistic training conditions.
Apart from standard versions, at Promedics we can prepare for you customised, OEM solutions according to your individual order. Their size, form, hardness as well as other parameters can be modified in order to fit in with your use of the implantation model.

The technology and artificial materials we employ during the production stage allow us to imitate the feel, functions and structure of a real bone. Lately, we have also introduced imitations based on CT images, which let us design and prepare even more precise solutions, perfectly imitating the characteristics of the bone.

Check the details of the production technology, parameters of our products and order standard or custom-made implantation model for your needs.

Surgical guides for the implant treatment planning using CT, STL files, and 3D printing. We offer our models for implant training with DICOM and STL files for download for implant planning purposes as well as for implantation templates. It is also possible to provide guide based on delivered file and information about the planned implant procedure. STL files are available for 10-1030, 10-3040, 10-3050, 10-5070 models.

Presently we have in our offer different models for dental surgeon and sawbones: