PROMEDICUS is one of the world main supplier of training bone model. The company have gained the reputation in the industry for our high quality, fast delivery and innovation in bone models production for surgeon and dentists for their hands-on workshops. The aim of our company is to produce the anatomic models which imitate human and animals anatomical bones.

Our products are designed for training purposes in such branches of medicines like orthopedic surgery and implant dentistry. Provide by as bone models are used for implantation training and workshop in orthopedic implantation and dental implantation. The products we offer have the same shape and mechanical properties as natural human bone due to the specially designed technology and the chemical composition and structure. Realistic surgical simulation models are designed and produced to replace human and animal tissue in an education and training. Bone models from PROMEDICUS can be manipulated using all powered and traditional hand instruments, making them ideal for training programs in education in medical simulation.

Offered by PROMEDICUS implantation models are easy to handle and easy to clean up after training procedure. Models are also very cost effective to natural bones and product of other competitor on the market. Also on x-rays and CT scans the product has similar appearance and consistency to natural human bone. 

We also offer educational model of Maxilla and Mandible giving possibility to students to drill cavity preparations and fill them with restorative material, such as amalgam or composite, or prepare the plastic teeth for crowns and bridges. 

Our anatomical bone models could be also custom designed to display in the best way our customer product. Our product are useful for surgeons, dentists and sawbones.


Thanks to use of selected materials with different structure and hardness our models perfectly imitate the double layer of bone structure of natural bone


Dental Training phantom face mask. A realistic looking mask for dental training for practicing implant placement, cavity, crown and veneer preparation, and dental hygiene procedures. The phantom head provides the opportunity to practice dental procedures in a realistic environment. It provides very stable mounting of models and high flexibility in their positioning. Phantom allows training with our wide range of maxillas and mandibles and most popular models on the market using the M6 mounting element.

Catalog number #11-1010 
We can produce for your own OEM models.


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